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Posted on 25/May/2017 12:17 | Posted by mhopkins

Air Side Fouling

Alutec`s solution - Square Wave Hemmed Fin

Equipment Manufactures drive to reduce weight, size , and increase efficiency simple creates in service issues within a relatively short period in service.
The designs inevitable end up with a high fin pitch and louvered surfaces, both of which add to speed of fouling in the ``field``

See Fig 1 & Fig 2 Typical blockage air side.

Alutec UK Ltd have seen and resolved several in service fouling issues as seen in Fig 1 & 2, by applying our knowledge and design solutions,trialed and proven in typically rail & plant environments. Our square wave hemmed fin is proving to be the only solution which allows required duty/performance with reduced maintenance requirements.

Square or Vee wave hemmed fin for those applications that require duty and durability from regular cleaning, to the applications that can cope with a totally finless option in the harshest of environments.

Recent developments of Alutec`s fin & tube technology has encouraged OEM`s to consider reducing fins per inch to try and improve durability and performance.

See Fig 3 :- View of hemmed edge and square wave detail.

Ask about our innovative solutions and proven results.

Mike Hopkins

General Office :- 01543 500 508
Mobile:- 07802 882 996
E-mail :-

Alutec House,
Phoenix Road,
WS11 7LR

Fig 1

Fig 2

Fig 3

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