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Posted on 25/May/2017 13:49 | Posted by mhopkins

The Sunday Herald News

Over Heating Radiators cause delays..

Another Train Operating Company (TOC) has experienced severe over heating, this time with a finless jacket water radiator. Local news paper the Sunday Herald, ran an article about the high number of delays caused by radiator failures:-

Fig 1 Local Paper

G & M GROUP was invited to resolve these on going issues with the fleet of trains.

After a number of investigations and test, it was decided that the existing design and durability was not suitable for the rail environment and they would all be changed.

Fig 2 :- Thermal image showing the central section NOT cooling.

After thermal testing in our wind tunnel, our Square Wave 6 fins per inch Hemmed fin proved to be the correct solution for increased performance and durability to with stand repeated cleaning.

Fig 3 :- Square Wave 6 FPI Hemmed Fin core

Alutec are pleased to have resolved what was an ongoing issue, improved performance and increased in service times.

Mike Hopkins

General Office :- 01543 500 508
Mobile:- 07802 882 996
E-mail :-

Alutec House,
Phoenix Road,
WS11 7LR

Fig 1 The Sunday Herald

Fig 2 Thermal Image Blocked Radiator

Fig 3

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